Replaced Fuel Flow Sensor

My fuel flow has been erratic again recently. This has happened a number of times and Electronics International has always indicated that the cause is almost always the electrical connections. I’ve tried crimp connectors, solder, solder sleeves, and finally their own OLC-1 and now OLC-2 connectors. Interestingly, the problem would always appear to be resolved for a bit, but would then reappear some number of hours later.

A friend mentioned that he’d had a similar experience and a replacement fuel flow sensor fixed it. Out of other options to try, I ordered one and installed it tonight.

Their new OLC-2 connectors have two crimp screws per connector so you don’t have to try to hold both wires in place simultaneously while trying to tighten the screws. I don’t like how these connectors provide no strain relief for the wires, so I did my best to immobilize everything.

I leak tested everything and ground-ran the engine. Initial run showed nice, solid fuel flows.

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