The Blog is Back!

Welcome to the new, WordPress powered version of my RV-7 blog! After nearly 2 years without updates, the blog is alive again!

This site has been managed since the beginning with some blogging software called MovableType. The¬†company that owns that made it closed-source several years back and my hosting company stopped supporting it. This meant the pages were visible, but I couldn’t log in and add new entries. After months of not having the time to deal with it, I finally found a company that would migrate all of the blog entries from MovableType to WordPress. After some additional cleanup, this is the result. There are a few things different about the new site:

  • Larger thumbnails
  • Image thumbnails now link to full-sized versions to make it easier to see details
  • Much better appearance on smart phones and tablets
  • Better organization and navigating of categories
  • Fixed countless grammar and spelling errors
  • Fixed all of the upside-down pictures

Please use the contact link at the top of the page to let me know if you find anything amiss with the new site.

3 thoughts on “The Blog is Back!

  1. Scot

    Jason. Thanks for the blog. I refer to your site often on my RV 7A build. Your documentation is extremely helpful for those of us still trying to slip the surly bonds of earth.

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