Primed Canopy and Fixed Pitot and AOA Tubing

I sanded down the epoxy I applied the other night and painted on a few coats of primer.  There are a few pinholes I need to deal with, but this is good enough for first flight.

Between coats of primer, I fixed the pitot and angle of attack tubing.  I had previously made these connections in the wing root, but that was a mistake since there’s no room to ever service them.  I had planned on running new lines down the conduit, but I realized I could use the same lines if I added a couple of additional connectors in the wing.  I disconnected the tubing at the pitot tube and slid it inboard inside the wing enough that I could pull the excess through the holes in the fuselage.  These fittings will now be trivial to service if that is ever necessary.

I then cut the lines in the wing and took some longer pieces and ran them from the pitot tube to these fittings.  This is better anyway since I can disconnect the tubing here and pull the pitot tube out of the mount.  This is looking up into the inspection port just inboard of the pitot mast.  With the way the lines were previously run, pulling the pitot tube out of the mount required disconnecting the lines right at the top of the mount.  That wasn’t too painful, but reinstalling the pitot tube was a real pain since it required hooking up the tubing entirely by feel.  This way, the fittings are easy to inspect and verify correct installation.

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