Started Aileron Trim

I replaced the wire from the starter contactor to the VP-X so that I can add protection for the wire close to the contactor.

I also got an order from Aircraft Spruce with a replacement cabin/baggage light.  The one I had had both red and white lights, but as I mentioned earlier, I’m using all white and green interior lights, so I ordered this unit.  I wish this was offered in a natural aluminum anodized finish since this will be the only black anodized aluminum in the cockpit, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Afterward, I decided to get started on the aileron trim.  First up is to fit the bushing block into the bracket.

I radiused the corner so that it nestles tight into the bracket.

Next, I used the sanding drum on my Dremel to notch the bushing so that a cotter pin can be inserted through the shaft.

I drilled various holes in the bracket on the right so that it can be installed between the seat ribs.  I also cut down the shaft of the bracket so that it sits below the surface of the bushing.  This is because the open end of the shaft shown here sits up against the bottom of the bracket on the right.

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