Full Power Engine Run

I didn’t get any pictures, but I did the first full power engine run today.  I’ve been having an issue with high oil pressure even though the adjustment screw is backed all the way out.  The main thing I wanted to determine was where the pressure would top out.  It turns out that with the oil pressure regulator turned all the way down, it peaked at 103 PSI at 1800 RPM and stayed there all the way up to 2700 RPM.  AeroSport power said the red line should be at 95 PSI, so it’s clearly too high.  I’ll call them tomorrow to see what I should do about this.

I also started adding some glass to the lower empennage fairings to make them line up with the upper fairing.  I needed to stiffen up the leading edge so that I could add some lightweight filler without it cracking due to the fairing being so flexible.

Finally, I spent some time using the MicroMesh kit on the canopy to remove a few spots of paint overspray and some minor scratches.  I worked all the way down to the 6000 grit sandpaper.  I’ll use the polish tomorrow.

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