Wired Flap Position Sensor

I’m working quite a lot of hours at work now, so I’m not getting much time on the plane, but I want to make some progress on the plane every day that I can.  Since I got the flaps wired up last night, I decided to wire up the flap position sensor tonight.  These will be the last wires that need to run down the center tunnel.  I installed a three position molex connector for the position sensor.  I’m still not sure how I’m going to anchor these to the rear cover.

I didn’t want the wires from the position sensor to rub the screws that attach the side covers to the flap housing, so I used a small drop of E6000 to secure the wires to the side of the position sensor.

I also swapped out the four position molex connectors on the fuel senders for three position connectors.

I attached the two flap wires to J12, pins 5 and 6 (the lower left red and black wires).

And the three flap position sensor wires to J1, pins 17, 18, and 19.

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