Work on Seats, Engine Accessories

I drilled the upper seat back adjustment to the right seat back.

Here is the seat installed temporarily.  I still need to drill out everything to #30, but all of the fabrication is done.

Here is the upper seat back adjustment showing how the flange fits into the notches on the cross member.  Afterward, I knocked out all of the left seat except for the upper adjustment mechanism.

I found out that the new prop governor cable mounting bracket doesn’t attach to these mounting bolts, so I torqued these down and lacquer sealed them.

I also swapped the oil pressure fitting and the plug so that I have more clearance from the engine mount.  This required removing the upper hold down clip from the right mag cover plate so that I could get a wrench on this fitting.

I also installed the fuel overflow fitting.  A rubber tube will be installed here to route any fuel overflow away from the hot exhaust.

Update: This is the sniffle valve and shouldn’t be installed here.  I searched all over the engine and couldn’t find any other fittings that this could screw in to, but the engine was mounted on the palette at the time and I couldn’t see where this should actually mount.  See this entry for where this should actually be mounted.

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