Miscellaneous Wing Tasks

I started pulling the conduit through the wing ribs on the left wing, but it turns out that this makes a hell of a racket.  Since the kids were asleep, I put this off and moved on to something else.

I went ahead and squeezed the rivets on the right wing outboard leading edge.  I still have to rivet the ribs to the spar, but that has to wait until I have a riveting partner.

I deburred the edges of the flap brace and trimmed it to clear the rear spar doubler.jk

I clecoed on the flap brace (on the left) and the inboard aileron hinge bracket (center) and match drilled them.

I also clecoed and match drilled the outboard aileron hinge bracket.

After deburring and priming the mating surfaces, I riveted the aileron hinge brackets on (though only the rivets I could reach with a squeezer since it was late).

Here is the rear part of the outboard aileron bracket. Notice that the lower hole (right in this picture) needs a countersunk rivet. This is to clear the leading edge of the aileron since it comes very close to the bracket here.

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