Empennage Kit Arrived

The kit shipped the next day after I ordered it and arrived this afternoon.  Here I am cracking into the smaller of the two boxes.

Taking Inventory.  My good friends Andre Boule (pictured) and Dan Zitter (not pictured) stopped by to help me out.

It’s like Christmas all over again.  So much to unwrap.

Servo for the electric trim.

Full-size plans for the empennage.

Most of the parts (except skins) organized.

Opening the second box.  This had all of the skins and a number of larger pieces.

Everything was correct and undamaged.  For the moment, all of the parts have been put up on my storage shelves so I can wrap up a couple of details on the kitchen remodel.  I’m hoping to get started on this in the next week or two.

Ordered Empennage

I faxed in the order for the empennage kit today.  The shop’s not quite set up, but when I spoke to Van’s a few weeks ago, they said it could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for the kit to arrive, so I wanted to order it early enough that it’s definitely here by the time I’m ready for it.

There is only one option for the empennage kit which is for the electric trim, and of course, I got that.

Built Workbenches

I built a couple of the EAA Chapter 1000 workbenches.  Ignore part of the tail kit on the far table, this picture was taken a few days later when it came.  I still have a bit of shop prep to do as you can see.