Slosh is another of the popular table games played in India. Points in this game are scored by cannons, pots, and in-offs.

The six colours are placed as in snooker, and one red dead in the centre of the top cushion. The white is placed dead in the centre of the bottom cushion.

Both players use the same cue ball (usually the spot white from a billiards set).

Potting the black or in-off black is worth 7 points, but can be made only in the top pockets.

Potting the pink or in-off pink is worth 6 points, but can be made in all four corner pockets. Similarly, the valid pockets for blue are the two centre pockets, for the brown the two bottom pockets, for green the bottom left pocket, and for yellow the bottom right pocket. The points scored for these shots is the value of the ball (5,4,3,2).

A pot or in-off not made in the valid pocket is a foul, and the minimum penalty is 4 points, but is more if made off a higher value ball.

After going in-off, the player plays from within the 'D'. All potted balls are replaced on their spots. A player playing from in-hand must strike a ball out of baulk, or strike a cushion outside baulk before contacting a ball in baulk, or a foul results (penalty: four points).

Potting the red or in-off red is worth 30 points, BUT if the red is touched directly, and a pot or in-off does not result, a foul is committed and the player loses 30 points. After striking the red, the cue ball must not strike any other ball in the same shot; if it does, 30 away!

Potting the white or in-off white is 15 points, and other conditions identical with those for the red.

Shots off the red or white can be made in any pocket.

A cannon can be made off all balls except the red & white. All cannons score two points, and only three consecutive cannons are allowed; after this, the player has to play a pot or in-off. There is no restriction on the number of successive pots or in-offs.

If the break concludes with the player failing to score, his score is added to his previous total. If the break ends on a foul, he loses all points scored in the break and the value of the foul is either reduced from his total, or added to that of his opponent.

The game starts with the first player striking the black; if a cannon or valid pot/in-off results, he continues. If he fails to score or fouls (all fouls listed above, as well as failing to hit the black first in his first shot) the next person plays. All players have to strike the black FIRST with their respective opening shots. If they fail to hit the black, they continue to try to do so, with each failure being a foul. After successfully striking the black, they can play at whatever they desire in their consecutive or turns. The protocol of striking the black is also observed after each foul.

Combination pots, cannons and in-offs are scored as in billiards (of course the values of the balls are different).

Games can be played on time or score format, and with the potential to make high scores, good fun can be had by all (except the loser!).

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