The following document outlines the rules of Billiards. Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to provide full rules. Rules queries can be posted to the newsgroup

The Game

The game of Billiards can be played by two or more people.

Three balls are used. These are a 'plain' white, a 'spot' white and a red ball.

It is a game of pots, in-offs, cannons and positional play.

Points are awarded for scoring strokes and forfeits from opponents fouls.

The winner is the player who has either scored the most points at the end of an agreed period of time, or is the first to reach an agreed number of points.


There are two cue-balls (i.e. the plain white and spot white). Players decide which cue-ball they will each use before the game commences. Each player must stick to his own cue-ball throughout the game.

At the start of the game, the red is placed on the spot furthest from the 'D' (i.e. on 'the spot'). The first player plays from in-hand, from within the 'D'.

When playing from in-hand, the cue-ball must be played out of baulk, but may be played against a cushion in baulk to hit a ball out of baulk.

The players play alternately unless a score is made. In this case the striker continues the break playing from where his cue-ball rests. In the event of an in-off, the player plays in-hand from the 'D'.

If the red is potted of forced off the table, it is placed on 'the spot', or if this is occupied, on the pyramid spot (or if this is occupied, the centre spot).


Two points are awarded for:

Cannon - Cue-ball hits both other balls.
Pot white - The opponent's cue-ball is potted.
In-off white - Cue-ball goes in-off the opponent's cue-ball.

Three points are awarded for:

Pot red - Red is potted.
In-off red - Cue-ball goes in-off the red.

If more than one scoring shot is completed in any one stroke, all are scored, except in the case off a cannon followed by an in-off. In this case, either 2 or 3 points are scored, depending on the first ball hit - 2 for white, 3 for red.

Scoring Limitations

Consecutive hazards (i.e. pots or in-offs) not in conjunction with with a cannon, are limited to 15.

Consecutive cannons, not in conjunction with a hazard, are limited to 75.

If the red is potted from the spot or pyramid spot twice in succession (and not in conjunction with another score) it is placed on the centre spot. If again potted, it is placed on the spot.


All fouls score 2 points to the opponent.

The following shots are fouls:

Missing both balls (unless both balls are in baulk and playing from in-hand)
Playing more than 15 consecutive hazards
Playing more than 75 consecutive cannons
Jumping the cue-ball over an object ball

If a foul is committed, all points scored before the foul shot are allowed.

After a foul, the opponent can either play from where the balls have come to rest, or play from in-hand with the red on the spot and the opponents cue-ball on the centre spot.