Bank Pool

Except when clearly contradicted by these additional rules, the General Rules of Pocket Billiards apply.

TYPE OF GAME Bank Pool is a game where legally pocketed balls must be banked into the pocket (using one or more banks). Any ball on the table can be selected and the game is call ball-and-pocket.

PLAYERS Two individuals, or two teams.

BALLS USED Object balls numbered 1-15, plus the cue ball.

THE RACK Standard triangle rack. Balls can be in any order.

OBJECT OF THE GAME To be the first player, or team, to legally sink eight balls.

OPENING BREAK The break shot is "free". If anything is made on the break it spots and the breaker is still at the table. If nothing is made the breaker's inning is over.

RULES OF PLAY All shots, except opening break, are call ball-and-pocket. A player continues with his inning so long as he makes legal shots.

ILLEGALLY POCKETED BALLS Are spotted. If a foul was committed the player must spot an additional ball from those he previously sank, or owe the table a ball (to be spotted immediately after the end of the inning in which he is first able to pay the table).

JUMPED OBJECT BALLS Are spotted without penalty.

CUE BALL AFTER JUMP OR SCRATCH Is put in play from the kitchen. The cue ball coming to rest off of the table bed is considered a foul.

PENALTIES FOR FOULS The player must pay the table a ball. In addition to this any balls sunk on the foul stroke must be spotted.

SUCCESSIVE FOUL PENALTIES If a player fouls in three successive innings he looses the game.

These rules are used by Billy Aardd's Club, NMIMT, Socorro, NM.